15 April 2011

The itinerant blogger

I sometimes wonder what happened to my good blogging practice -- why I have been so itinerant over the last few years, and then I realise that several things happened. One was I started teaching online, and with the time spent on my online classes, which I have to say I really enjoyed, and time spent on emails and other online stuff, I became resentful of the time the internet was taking from my life. Time spent blogging could be time spent writing -- and while I have friends who manage to productively do both, I don't seem to be one of these. Not when I'm also trying to teach and run a rather chaotic family.

The other thing that happened was a change to my living circumstances that sees me without internet access for part of each week, and that part just happens to be the time of the week when I did most of my blogging. And living without internet is interesting as we're so used to having it there, handy, when we want it. On the other hand, we seem to be at its beck and call. The ping of the email program. The call to surf. Or go on Facebook. Or whatever.

I am going to endeavour to be a more regular blogger again -- but I'm not making any promises. At the moment, I'm working on my novel and that will always take priority. And so, back to it! And the great beauty of that is working in WordPerfect on a computer that has no internet access, so no pings will disturb me!