05 July 2007

And here's my cat

Yes, you've all seen pictures of my dogs. And yet where are those of my cat? Here she is for reference -- just to prove she really does exist. Her name's Beth, which causes some confusion in the house because that's also the name of our piano teacher. Our last cat, Minou, was tabby and white, but Beth is black and tabby -- I had never heard of such a colour, or seen one till we got her. She belonged to a guy who lived at the back of my mum's old place, but he was moving out and couldn't take her, so we inherited her. She's big and boofy like a tom cat, but a friendly cat all around. Just doesn't like all those layabout dogs hanging around the place: not the big, dipsy blonde one who loves her to bits, or the little red terror who barks when she sees her.

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