12 August 2007

Feeding the muse

Went off yesterday to see Snow Cake with my mum and her friends and my son. It was superbly acted -- though I must say I have a soft spot for Sigourney Weaver, and I just love Alan Rickman's voice. Very interesting movie. Without giving away too much -- I had read in the reviews that Sigourney Weaver's character's child was killed, and for some reason thought it was her son. Did I read that? I don't know. But it wasn't, and so when what happened happened, I got quite a shock.

As a writer, I watch films differently to the way I used to. I'm forever trying to make plot connections, to predict what is going to happen, whereas before I was content to wait and "go with the flow". And the longer I've been a writer, the more likely I am to get them right -- or, if I don't, the more skilled I think the screenwriter. But while I did make the right connections in this movies (always satisfying), it is the finely nuanced characters -- the characterisation was superb.

This is a moving film. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, thought-provoking. Highly recommended.

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