27 September 2007

More words

Here's another one that riles me: the use of "try and" for "try to". We're going to try and go to the shops. That doesn't mean we're going to try to go to the shops; it's means we're going to try, and we're going to do it as well, but very few people make this distinction.


Sherryl said...

I hate the way everyone has started saying "I thought to myself". You see it everywhere!
Of course you think to yourself - who else would you think to, unless the story was about telepathy?

Tracey said...

Ah, redundancies -- they could be a post on their own. We talk about them in Editing class. Just like: he nodded his head. What else do you nod? Or: I crossed my arms across my chest. Where else would you cross them? Writing flows so much more smoothly without these extra words.