31 March 2008

My teacherly whinge

Well, Sherryl and I went off to Borders today to meet up with a past student, which was a lovely thing to do. We sat and talked writing for ages. And then we bookshopped, as you do if you're a writing teacher. Now, Borders have always had this 10% teacher and student discount, which we love. We throw a lot of money Borders' way. I buy most of my teaching books there. Now, before you all frown and say I should be supporting the small, independent booksellers (you're right!), the small, independent booksellers don't have the range that Borders do, don't have all the practical how-to books that are so useful for class.

Anyway, today, we found out that the teachers' discount (and presumably the students' too, though I'm not sure about that) has been discontinued. I was a bit peeved, particularly because I was buying, among other things, a $30 novel that I already own but have lent to a student (I think), and now I need it for teaching purposes. So one lucky author/publishing house/bookshop is getting twice the commission from me. And replacing another book I bought my son for Christmas, but which his sister borrowed to take camping before he'd read it, and then left behind.

Oh, well, they do have some fabulous vouchers, which are emailed out from time to time. Guess we'll be even more reliant on them from now on. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be throwing somewhat less money their way.

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