01 May 2008

Busy week

This week is a full on social week, and all to do with writing:

(i) Wednesday morning: launch of the Ada Cambridge exhibition at the VU library on the St Albans campus
(ii) Thursday night: dinner out with my Clarion South buddies -- or family as we are now -- where we will reminisce about that crazy six weeks where the temperature varied between 31 and 33 degrees every day and we had no air-con in our dorms, and we workshopped over half a million words, and most of us churned out a story a week and a collaborative story. I know I did. And kept a journal (50,000 words worth)
(iii) Friday: lunch out with Effy whom I taught Text and Culture, part of the Diploma of Liberal Arts, with. (All right, this is a teaching one more than a writing one.) Effy drove the subject, luckily, and I scrambled to keep ahead of the class, because I did not have a background in Arts. When they start teaching Haematology for Writers, I'll be right there!
(iv) Friday night: dinner out at a special performance as part of the Williamstown Lit Festival with Western Women Writers, Ellen from SuperNOVA, and Susanna from work.
(v) Saturday morning: attending the first session of the CBCA conference to see Shaun Tan's speech, and then to see Sherryl's new book Tracey Binns is trouble launched. With a character name like that, how could that not be close to my own heart.
(vi) Saturday: go to the Williamstown Literary Festival sessions and attend the prize-giving ceremony of the Ada Cambridge competition. Can't wait to see who wins! I've just found out that at least two of our students have been shortlisted, which is rather nice. Of course, when you're doing the shortlisting, you're looking at blind entries and have no idea who has entered, so it's always interesting later on to find out who the winners are, and whether any of them are even names that you've heard before.

And around all this I've been getting Poetrix ready to go to print, which means finishing typesetting and cobbling together bios (and then paring them back because they were too long), writing an editorial, having it ready for proofing by (last) Wednesday, proofing in writing group, now making the final corrections and then doing one more proofing pass. Should all be ready by tomorrow! Then I better get into my assignments.


Scribbly said...

How lovely to see you tonight... and in such bizarre circumstances, at cross purposes. Still, I look forward to a proper catch up soon.

Hope the performance was great. If not, I guess the stunning view from the WSC could somehow compensate.

Leah-Mae's Scribbles said...

What an overwheling week!
at least you're keeping busy:

My life is like a deflated helium baloon at the moment, all stretched and grey -and ever so slightly pear-shaped-

but school (though i think we're on different sides of the fence here, as you're teaching and I'm learning) can be liked that somtimes, had you noticed?
- I thought i noticed you noticing.

Anyway, was intriged by the title of your friend sheryl's book- she doesn't perchance have a blog does she? I would love to know.

enjoy all the excitement!

Tracey said...

Hey, Scribbly, that was bizarre! E and I naturally assumed you were there for the readings. I love that kind of happenstance. You're not wrong about the view -- it was stunning. The readings were very good -- I'm about to blog about it, so won't say too much here.

Leah-Mae, yes, too busy, I think. I think you know what you mean, but hope your life gets a bit more colour soon! (End of semester break is almost upon us all!) In the meantime, just keep plugging away. What are you studying? Writing, or something else?

Sherryl does indeed have a blog. It's called Books and Writing, and it's in my blogroll on the side. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.