25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

After enjoying the Victorian State Singers as part of yesterday's "Carols by Candlelight" on Channel 9, we've been listening to their "Nine Lesson Carol Service" while unwrapping presents: a new King Arthur novel (never can get enough of those), and the soundtrack to Avatar -- some fantastic writing music. Lucky Cat Sparks isn't here -- I know I drove her mad with the Return of the King soundtrack while at Clarion, and I'll be the same with this one: playing it on loop while I write. Beautiful!

Anyway, here's the link in case anyone else wants to listen to some beautiful Christmas music. (VSS is a youth choir in Melbourne, led by Doug Heywood. They're centred in Williamstown (in Melbourne) and looking for new members, so if you're 30 or under, love singing and live in or around Melbourne, here's their website!)


Sherryl said...

Good gracious, you're blogging again! Sexy lady also seems so astonished that I'm sure there is a special offer in there somewhere!!
Only kidding. I have noticed that every now and then someone pops up in people's blog comments simply to push their own commercial barrow.
If anyone knows how to delete other people's comments (which are obviously spam) please share!
Otherwise we will all have to resort to moderation, which is a shame.
Hope your Nano words are continuing.

Sherryl said...

Just found out how to do it - log in to your own blog and go to the post, then into the comments. There should be a little rubbish bin at the bottom of the unwanted post, so click on that and it will allow you to delete the post.

Tracey said...

I've deleted comments before, but thanks anyway. Yes, they must have found a way around the spam checkers. It's a mild annoyance at the moment, but I guess if they persist and grow as such things are wont to do, it'll be more than a minor annoyance...