07 November 2007

Bum end indeed

Apologies to anyone following this blog for the long stretch of darkness. I've been silent running. (I love that film!) Marking, marking and more marking. Compound this with server problems -- and even problems today and last night in getting onto this site! And I've been away for four days: writing, writing and writing. 13,500 words all up. Or around about. However you want to look at it.

But I have to dash off to writing group -- today's a writing day! And am I ever in the mood.

Will update shortly.


Snail said...

13,500 in 4 days. Magnificent! Do you hide yourself away at a retreat ... or just lock yourself in the shed?

Tracey said...

Holiday house in Phillip Island. A rather magnificent retreat. I've just tried to post photos but they seem to be timing out. Not sure what's going on there, but I'l try again later.

heatherf said...

Congratulations on all the writing Tracey. Keep it up. A holiday house on Phillip Island, hmmm.