30 November 2007

NaNo done

Well, it's official. After a couple of huge days -- I had to write 15,000 words in two days -- I'm a NaNoWriMo winner. I feel there has been a few things I've neglected in the last few weeks: emails, blogs, boards, but I've refound my focus. I'm sure I've written 50,000 words of crap, but I'll decide that in a little while when I come back to read over it. That's not for today, nor the next month, which is when I have to finish the rewrite of my novel. I've got about 50,000 words to go. And one month. Easy peasy. (Except I have to do an editing pass over it too, but that's the fun part.)

Anyway, tonight I'm determined to catch my blogs up a little, so this is necessarily quick. Tomorrow I'm hoping to blog about what I've discovered doing NaNoWriMo.


Snail said...

15,000 words in two days? That's amazing.

*pops champagne cork*

Sherryl said...

Way to go. Congratulations. And now that you have written it in your blog, you have to keep reminding yourself of two things:
1) Writing as a habit
2) Get more sleep! Before you fall into a screaming heap.

ellen said...

woohoo! Way to go indeed.

Tracey said...

Thanks, everyone. You know what the best bit about it is: I feel like a writer again. Sometimes, when the writing's not going so well, I don't feel like a writer, even though I know that writers do sometimes struggle with words, even though the writing itself doesn't seem any poorer in quality from when it flows well, but 15,000 in two days -- yeah, I feel like a writer. And a writer who's keen, and really is there any better feeling in the world?