10 November 2007


A few of the members in one of my writer's groups are into spiritual stuff in a big way. Anyway, so one of the members came in the other day with a book she'd picked up at a secondhand bookshop, and it was all quotes about writing. Would've been a great book if the writers (or compilers) had just acknowledged who said them, but they didn't. Anyway, the other spiritual member picked up the book and said, "It's telling me to open it here." And she proceeded to open the book and decided that whatever was on the page was obviously something she was meant to take seriously. Really, she couldn't go wrong because the whole book was full of useful aphorisms.

So, I picked up the book and wondered what it would "tell" me. And, really, it was quite fitting -- something fitting for all of us writers, so I'm going to pay it forward and send it on to all of you:



Lisa66 said...

Tracey, I'd love to talk about this in person sometime. I'm afraid to write what I REALLY think for fear of being thought of as judgemental. I'd like to think I am an open minded person, but I think I veer towards the sceptical side. One of my closest friends was very excited the other day because she had been to a clairvoyant. Not just any clairvoyant but a pet clairvoyant. she was very impressed by this woman who passed on some pertinent messages from the other side. When I pointed out to my friend that not only had she never owned a pet but that she was not overly fond of animals in general, she informed me the messages had been passed on through friends' pets. I think that one takes the cake!

Tracey said...

That's a great story, Lisa!