26 April 2007

What frustrates me

(i) children who won't get up for school and miss buses, then turn up home so that Mum can rescue them (which eats into writing time!) -- Sir Talkalot

(ii) children who have 1 1/2 days off school and insist for 1 1/4 of those that they have no homework, then discover that in fact they have an essay due tomorrow, which they haven't started, plus a major French test on regular and irregular verb conjugations in six different tenses -- Princess Sleepyhead

(iii) children who have parent-teacher interviews and lose their schedule of interview times, so that parents don't know when said interviews are -- Sir Talkalot

(iv) children who throw paint at their siblings when their siblings are in full school uniform -- Princess Sleepyhead

(v) children who turn up after school with unannounced friends (when there is an activity that they have to go to) -- Princess Sleepyhead (who hardly ever has friends home)

That was today. I'm sure tomorrow it will be a different five.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, Bester's one of the bestest

Have you picked what Alexandre Dumas story it's based on?


Adambrowne666 said...

oops - sorry - that comment was meant for the post after this one, about Alfred Bester...

Tracey said...

lol. Yep, I gathered that.

Nope, no idea which story it's based on. Not sure if I will have read it. Or will I?

Adambrowne666 said...

here you go


Tracey said...

Ah, interesting. I haven't read it, but bought it a little while ago and put it on my must-read pile. There's a few of them, I have to admit.