14 June 2007

All good things come to an end

Well, the con is over and, as always, it's a bit of a letdown. Time now to start looking at next year's con and to book early. The thing with cons is the price goes up incrementally. For about a month after a con, the next year's is low price, but then it creeps up -- well, not so much creeps as goes up in leaps. I rarely get in on the lowest price tier, because it always seems to be a bad time financially for me. As it is now with the Gadget-Man being out of work. Ah, well. But I usually get in on the next tier, which last year meant a leap from $80 to $110. There were a few more increments after this, and I think by the time of the con itself a day-pass cost more than the whole con if you'd paid at the beginning. So now is the time to get on the wagon, people. And if you're worried that something might come up, and you'll have a ticket you can't use, you can always sell them. There are always people who are happy to snaffle up a ticket at rock bottom prices!

The other thing that's come to an end is the semester, though I still have some Editing tests to mark. End of semester always invokes mixed feelings because, on the one hand, I miss my students and classes but, on the other hand, I have more time to write. So I'm hunkering down to get through some serious words in my rewrite. And because between the con and the intense marking frenzy of the last few weeks, I haven't done much writing, I'm itching to be at it. The counterpoint to this is that it will take me a few hours to reabsorb myself in the story and till the words are really flowing again, but once I sink into it, I'll be off: fingers a blur of motion across the keys.

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