03 June 2007

Mostsalvat photos

Well, I promised I'd post some when I found the cord again. Thankfully I did because the camera was getting very full. Here are some photos of Montsalvat. How can you not love this place?

As I said in the post about Montsalvat, when I'm there, I'm suddenly inhabiting the world of my novel. My characters, unfortunately, don't have the luxury of a swimming pool, but they do have indoor roman-type baths, and a squalid moat, full of all sorts of unmentionables! I'm sure my kids wondered why I was so dreamy when I was walking around, snapping photos. I should have hung a sign around my head that said "writer at work". (Only that would've seemed pretentious.) But I love that you can do that with writing -- all my life I've been a daydreamer, only now I get to justify that it is part of my profession. And it *is* a part. A very important part. Here are just a few of the photos that inspired me.


Snail said...


Somewhere else around Melbourne that I haven't visited. What have I been doing with my time?

Tracey said...

I don't know but you must go! It's just wonderful, choristers or not. I've been there to read poetry in the past. Lends itself well to that as well. And there are usually art exhibitions etc.