26 June 2007


Mmm, there's a few things I've meant to blog about the last few weeks that have slipped past me. One was our trip last weekend to check out our new puppy, which we're getting this Sunday. We're not sure how excited Georgia is about this. Here's a photo of the puppies -- think that's ours in the middle, but I'm not entirely certain. They're tollers. (Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retrievers, for the uninitiated, which was me until about 12 months ago.)

Of course the problem always is which one do you pick. We had a choice of two. When we picked Georgia, we had a choice of three, but only two were girls, and we wanted a girl. Princess Sleepyhead came along and liked the "other" one, but we liked the fact that Georgia was the more boisterous of the two. Maybe we should've seen that as a bad sign? The naughtiness factor? Really, she's a lovely dog. She's now much bigger and just as energetic. This time we all went, and again Princess Sleepyhead didn't pick the same one as the rest of us. She liked the runt, which was very cute, but all I could think of was almost 30 kg of overgrown puppy bouncing all over the tiny thing. So poor PS didn't get her way again. Still, she's got naming rights this time. Sir Talkalot named Georgia, and I think the next one is likely to be Luna. Here's the latest photo of Georgia for comparison.


ellen said...

Another dog -- lucky you!! She looks adorable. And I must say I really like that photo of Georgia as well. I meant to comment on that last time.

Tracey said...

Thanks, Ellen. It's not the same photo as last time, but it is similar. We often go to the dog beach, because goldens (and tollers too) love the water. I used to live opposite a rocky beach in Williamstown, and my old golden had a habit of finding washed-up dead fish and rolling them. I always got the "pleasure" of bathing her. Peeeeeuuuuuwwww. Luckily, Georgia hasn't found any yet.