14 June 2007

Pick your daemon

On a fun side note, Sir Talkalot came home from school the other day talking about daemons. If you haven't read Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy (and you really should) then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about but, to tell it simply, a daemon is an animal extension of yourself (if you live in Lyra's world), part of your soul. All right, that's not entirely accurate, but it's close enough. And if you go to the movie site and look up daemons, you can do a quiz to find your daemon.

So Sir Talkalot had done the quiz and come up with a fox, and when I did it he was rolling around the floor because mine came up as a chimpazee. Now, I don't know why this is so funny (particularly because Princess Sleepyhead got a crow, and the Gadget-Man -- wait for it -- got a goose). I think the chimp would be a very good daemon -- smart, has an opposable thumb, cuddly, yes, the chimp would be a great daemon. Anyway, I got the last laugh, because I said to Sir Talkalot, "I may have a chimp, but look at his name." Because my daemon's name is the same name as my son's! How bizarre is that? Admittedly, the spelling differs -- and Sir Talkalot sees this as his salvation, because he's now arguing that it's pronounced differently. Nah. It's the same name, but how how strange!


ellen said...

Hi Tracey - you inspired me to go take the test. My daemon is a snow leopard. Cheers, Ellen

Sherryl said...

And I'm a fox too. Named Boreallus, which makes me think of the Northern Lights. Not sure about the listed attributes though. Can you be assertive and shy at the same time? And responsible and spontaneous at the same time?
Maybe it's trying to tell me I'm schizo...