02 June 2007

At the dog beach

I love our local dog beach -- and so does Georgia. She's a typical Golden in that she loves the water. And I love it because it's an off-lead area all year around, and she can romp and splash as much as she likes. It's quite social on the weekends with lots of people and their dogs.

Georgia enjoying the reflections

Having an explore

This one's a little out of focus. Can I say how much I hate autofocus? Give me a manual anyday.

I love this photo -- there's a hint perhaps of a human footprint, and then there's a bird's, the dog's and a little sea slug's -- creature and all. (All right, I don't know exactly what the little guy in a shell is, but you can see him bottom right.)


heatherf said...

Nice photos Tracey, and yes I love the dog too!

Tracey said...

Thanks, Heather. She's a lovely girl. You'll have to meet her next time you're in Aus. I grew up with a Golden Retriever and having Georgia has made me wonder how come I went so long without a dog inbetween. Beth, our cat, is not nearly as impressed as the rest of us, though. Georgia still thinks she's a little black dog, and has taken to whacking her over the head with a paw. Cute, because it mirrors what the cat does to her, but after that there's always a big kerfuffle that ends with the dog, tail wagging because she's convinced it's hilarious fun, chasing the cat all around the house or yard. Poor Beth.