26 June 2007

Blog surfing

I have to admit to having developed a liking for blog surfing. Sometimes it's via the "next post" button at the top of blogger, and sometimes it's through the blogs that have just been updated links on the sign-in page. As I was logging in today, I noticed one called "e learning" had just been updated. As a teacher, e-learning is something I'm always trying to learn more about. Tomorrow, Sherryl and I are doing a session at one of our other campuses on how to edit podcasts. Hopefully, then, I'll be able to get our newest online unit up and running. So, I thought I should have a quick squiz at the e-learning blog and what do I find? It's about learning English. Funny how different things mean different things to different people. Like STDs -- I remember when we were studying microbiology, Telstra, or Telecom as it was known then, ran a series of "STD -- share it around" ads. A bit unfortunate for us, as we knew them even then as Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The old Colonial Mutual Life (CML) building I used to pass in the train, always brought to mind Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. I guess we should never take acronyms or initialisms for granted.

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