26 June 2007


On Saturday it was more of a SuperNOVA day. I headed across to Adam's to watch Claire shoot another scene for her SF movie Liminal. (I always hear her referring to it as The liminal but the opening credits of the film, as shown at the con, just had it as Liminal, so I'm going to go with that.) Adam's baby is the newest cast member -- so she had to grow a few tentacles for the filming. It's an interesting process to watch someone's house being transformed into a movie set. Claire's set design is cleverly portable, which made everything easy. We all know the adage of not working with children and pets, I presume. Is that because they're cute and steal all of the limelight? Or because they're rumoured to be difficult? I'm not sure. Ours was definitely cute, tentacled and all, and no more difficult than any small child would be (and a lot less so than a lot of Hollywood starlets, by all accounts). Anyway, after a clever suggestion from her mum, it was all done in a matter of minutes. Fait accompli! A new star is on the ascendant. Must say that I can't wait to see the final cut of the film. It's great to see Claire seguing so easily into the role of scriptwriter, director -- the lot really. Wonder if the people at Project Greenlight know what they've started?

I would post photos -- of this and the writer's party -- but I'm not sure of the etiquette of doing so without people's permission. Sounds anal? That's the editor in me talking.


ellen said...

And here was I thinking the movie was more or less finished!

Adambrowne666 said...

I think Claire's doing pick ups - shots you don't realise you needed until you start editing - apparently Woody Allen schedules several weeks of pickups - often pretty much remakes the film.

I wanna see pics!

Tracey said...

On the blog? I was going to email them to you, Adam.